Brown Eyed Girl

Today we got to meet Little D for the very first time!!! Oh my goodness, it was a beautiful moment that Justin nor I will ever forget.  We called early this morning, and they said "we've been waiting for your call! When can we come pick you up?".  Driving to the House of Hope took such little time, but I was being emotional and tearing up here and there.  We arrived, took care of some minor details and then were lead upstairs to the family meeting room.  When we walked in there was already one family there with their son.  We began chatting with them and before we even noticed, Mamaw, D's Nanny came walking in with her!!  No digital cameras / SLR's and video cameras all ready like the paparazzi or how we anticipated it would be, just a mommy and daddy shocked and elated all at the same time!  Mamaw spoke to Little D in Amharic and then handed her over to me.  It was amazing.  There weren't any tears shed---not D's or mommy's :)-- and she was ever inquisitive by this new room that she was in.  For the 2 hours we were able to spend with her, our hearts expanded more than we ever new possible.  This new love is tangible, and it's real, and I cannot believe that the God of eternity saved this for us, and more importantly us for this!  She is one precious, precious little girl and Justin and I are learning this whole parenting thing step by step :) Thank goodness we're not alone; there were 6 other families there, some first time parents like us and others who can teach us the ropes!  We were able to get her to giggle and laugh this morning, she fell asleep in her Daddy's arms and then her nanny took her off to get a bath and she came back smelling oh-so-good.  We've already seen her debut 2 cute little blue dresses and a headband to add that extra cuteness factor.  We left for lunch and then returned this afternoon to spend more time with her.  She is the sweetest and she loves to touch and be held!  Something super awesome for Justin and I as we have learned that she loves to lean into us and have our faces touch cheek to cheek ;)  It's surreal and yet it feels like it couldn't have been any other child or any other way.  I just don't know how God does it, but you know, I completely trust Him and He's already shown us that our hearts can be knit together in a matter of moments.  She follows our every move, and although she is very interested in the other babies and other parents and nannies around her, she consistently wants to know where Justin and I are at.  She gazes into his eyes and I think she loves the newness of Justin's deeper voice (since all the nannies are women at the House of Hope).  If Daddy is holding her, she looks to see where Mommy is, and if Mommy has her, she peers over my shoulder or wiggles around to find her Daddy.  :)  Just as it was nearing time to say goodbye for this visit, Little D feel asleep in my arms and it was better than I could have ever hoped for.  Both of us now know that she is beginning to feel trust towards us and that warm feeling of your snuggling little baby in your arms has confirmed that this was meant to be.  We cannot wait to show you her sweet little toothless smile or her one-sided little smirk or her precious big brown eyes and our first picture as a family of three!  Until we pass court, we cannot share those, and with the limited/slower internet connection here in Ethiopia, it's proving impossible for us to be able to upload the images to blogger, or even access the internet at times.  We'll post when we get back to the states!!

Thank you so much to all the close family and friends, even those we haven't met yet, who are blanketing this time for us in prayer.  God has shown us that He this was very much the plan for our lives and we are rejoicing in every moment of it!  The prayers of being heard by Him and being known by us.  We'll keep you all posted as we're able with this new family of three!  This was a great way to spend Little D's 6 month birthday, huh?!! ;)


Here we come!!!

Well, the bags are packed almost completely packed, our adorable dog Brie is off to spend the week with my sweet in laws, my hair has been freshly cut and colored (because everyone knows that our 6 month old will have a fit if her momma's roots are showing.....right ;) ), library books have been checked out, and I am sitting here in our hallway on the floor blogging away.  I cannot believe this trip is finally here?!  Neither Justin nor I can sleep, we're exhausted physically from a busy weekend, however our adrenaline is pumping and we're wide awake.   But that's exactly what can be accomplished during a 17 hour flight.

It is astounding to pause and just bask in the peace of God and that reality that He has brought us here.  The adoption of our first born is something that has evolved from years of stirrings in our hearts---from teenagers who felt the longing for love from orphans in Romania and The Dominican Republic to a young married couple who believed God was calling them to adoption someday, to January 2010 being the first time we clicked on various adoption agency websites to begin researching international opportunities, to here, at 12:21 AM on June 15: we are finally, finally packing up and boarding a plane to go meet her.  It is amazing.

We are going to use this blog as our main resource of communication while we're away, but at the same time, we just want to unplug and soak up every opportunity that we can while we're there!  Even though this isn't the trip that we get to bring her home on, we are filled with joy and anticipation over this stage of the adoption process!  Please keep us all in your prayers and go on our behalf before our Savior.  We are praying Psalm 16:6 over Little D and all the other children that are awaiting their forever families.  We can't wait to share the stories from our trip and photos of our family once this stage is finalized in court.  Thanks for coming along with us and being the many, many moments of encouragement that you all have been!  We'll keep you posted on the good news!!