Picture Perfect

We got a few new pictures from two different families who recently went to Ethiopia--one bringing home their precious son and the other meeting their beautify baby girl fro the first time.  It was awesome to get their emails and updates on Natalie, CHI and what's happening in Addis.  Right now it's the rainy season in the capital of Ethiopia, so many people focus in on doing projects in doors.  Keeping with this seasonal tradition, the painting was done by some families and Natalie is now in a cute, freshly painted and decorated room!  Lucky girl :)  Looks like they had a lot of fun, check out this link (http://www.blog.helpanorphan.org/) if you want to see more.  Have a great Wednesday.


We're Hers!

The phone call came last week and what a relief and INCREDIBLE JOY it was to hear "she's yours!!!!  Friends & family, we can finally share our beautiful little girl with you because we have officially passed court, and are legally the parents of...

Natalie Degeme Foster

(I know I already let it be known on Facebook right away, oh well, we couldn't wait!).  So without further ado, Justin and I are thrilled to introduce you to our adorable little girl.  She is incredible and one of the biggest gifts from God. That He would set us aside to be her parents, and her, our first born.  We're overwhelmed and abundantly blessed!  Look what Love can do....