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"Well, have you and Justin come down from Cloud 9 yet?" my mom says on the other end of the telephone. My response? "I think we're somewhere in between the clouds and making our soles (souls) feel the soil beneath". We recently announced our something pretty special to our hearts.....we are going to become parents through adoption, and as correctly stated, we are pretty thrilled! But, reality often brings us into the moment and we are reminded that this will be a long, patience-tested process but one that will forever change our lives. We are at this cusp: ready to accept each step along the way.

God's hand has been clearly present in Justin's and my life these past several months, even years, as we have developed hearts for children who carry the title orphan. What we hadn't realized was that while we were nervously navigating our mid-late 20s and the ominous question: when are you guys going to have a baby?, God was quietly developing the script for just how our family would expand.

Justin and I have both spent time in Romania loving on kids who hadn't come to know the consistency that only "mommy" and "daddy" can bring. Granted, we were in our teens and early 20s, and never did we allow it to personify itself within, but we did see the need. So we moved on. However, a mustard seed was all it took. Years have passed and in the time, the Spirit has given us a desire so rooted in our hearts that we cannot help but delight in what is to come.

Yesterday we sent off our application to Children's Hope International, with hearts in tow, and we begin to trust the Lord from this moment on. We have requested a little guy, around the age of newborn to 12 months old, from Ethiopia. Our adoption will take about a year, and during that time there will be many moments of waiting, filing paperwork, meeting with social workers, waiting, making phone calls, waiting, sending in documents, waiting, and most of all finding peace in our Saviour's arms. We can use every prayer that you are willing to intervene on our behalf! Did you notice the waiting part(s). Oh for those of you who know me [Kati]!! I do not doubt that the Lord has some important conversations and lessons coming my way ;) But He knows me best, and therefor I trust.

So, please join us in this exciting, joyfilled time of our lives! We wish there was an opportunity to hang out with each one of you and share this great news with you face to face, but some of you are miles away, and we couldn't wait until the next time we saw you to share. We really value the relationship each and every one of you shares with us, and we also long to have you come be apart of this expanded family of love that our little man will someday know. Many, MANY, many prayers would be appreciated!!!

His grace is AMAZING, that He would trust us enough to take us down the road of adoption. We are so burdened for this woman, and man, who will give us a gift of our [collectively] son. Please pray for her health as she carries this little one, their hearts, for courage, and that she would find support from in the community she knows. We may never meet them, but regardless of that, what they give us has been orchestrated by Christ, and their lives will forever be apart of ours.

With love and excitement,
Kati & Justin

Below is a link to a youtube video made for another great agency, not the one we're using, but it still tells the passion and drive behind our decision.

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