Welcome Home 171-H!

Yep!  You're reading that right!! Our 171-H paperwork (aka super awesome piece of paper we need to complete our dossier) arrived yesterday!  Whoooo hoooo!  The officer at our fingerprinting appointment suggested it might take 2-3 months...and it took 10 days.  God is FAITHFUL and really must be getting a kick out of all my reactions to His glorious plan :) 
 So, let's put this in perspective for all those of you who haven't or aren't paper chasing currently.... this is the document that we need from U.S. Immigrations stating that we're allow to come home with a child.  It's detailed in the gender, age, needs, and location and it's got to be spot on because that's what the US Embassy will look at when we travel home with our son.  Yeah, I know it's many months away before we even know our son's face, but it was the last piece of paper we were waiting on before we could move towards that day....  
So today I'm running around like a crazy lady taking all 21 documents to 3 different counties to get each notary's signature certified, and then downtown Cleveland to get all 21 documents state authenticated....and then.......FedEx HERE WE COME TO SHIP OFF OUR DOSSIER!!
Once our paperwork arrives to CHI, it'll go to Washington D.C. and then to Ethiopia.  That will take about 2 weeks and then at that point we'll officially be placed on the waiting list ;) ;)  Oh how exciting and wonderful it is!  Remember the game that children play where they hide something and then tell the seeker "you're getting warmer / hotter" or "you're getting colder" as they approach the object of desire?  I totally feel like Jesus is engaging in that game with Justin and I. And it's so wonderful to hear "warmer...warmer...you're getting hotter" as we are almost done with all the paperwork that has been asked of us. One step at a time! What an adventure it has been so far.  From firefighters to doctors, HR employers to government workers, to such amazing friends and faithful family to police officers: the number of hands that have been apart of this journey thus far is incredible.  Just amazing!
So, will you be praying for us today?  That we'll be patient as we wait in lines, request people's help, and cross all our t's and dot all our i's. That I won't even have a hint of road rage (yes, it's true, sometimes I wear lead shoes ;) ). Hopefully: no hangups and we will be shipping off our dossier this weekend :)  Ultimately: remembering that He's got everything in control because He already know's how today's course of events will flow.  
Be blessed!
Kati & Justin

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