Recap of our Summer 2010

What an exciting past few months we've had.  It is incredible to realize this time last year we didn't even have Ethiopia on our radar!  What started with an introduction at church to a now very close friend via a dear, dear mutual friend, turned into an evening dinner meeting a precious little boy and his parents who the Lord used to open our hearts and minds to what now will be the country where we bring our son home from!  We have fallen in love, IN LOVE with what we know about ET and the immense "family" that we've grown into amongst adoptive families, case workers, social workers, adoption coordinators, soon to be grandmas-grandpas-aunts-and uncles, along with all our blog world friends.  It's just fantastic!  So, to wrap the summer up I thought we'd post some pictures of what we've been up to.  It's been a really fun summer and it's neat to think that we'll have a cutie pie joining us in His timing!  Keep praying for his mommy and daddy in ET--they need protection as the rainy season is wrapping up.  Pray for her health as she carries our son.  Pray for him as he will have a forever place in our son's life.  Have a wonderful week dear friends!
In Christ,

The last day of our community pool is dedicated to the dogs and Brie had a blast for 2 hours straight!

 Justin working hard on house projects  :)  we make a great team!

 Our home study agency and social worker who have played a big role in our adoption thus far!!

I <3 FedEx.  Thank you for letting a grown woman cry when she couldn't mail off documents.  They must see it all ;)

 Getting friendly with a kind postal worker!  She shared in our joyful news of paper chasing to our baby boy

 Playing guitar for our King...I can't wait for him to have time with his son jammin away and introducing to worship...

 Summer fun over 4th of July weekend with family in town
 (my brother Mike is so clever!)

Spending a summer day out at a local farm--our little guy will be the perfect addition to these adventures!

 Birthday celebrations 

Melkam Addis Amet!  Happy New Year!! On September 11, we celebrated Ethiopia's holiday with a small group of friends. We were all tied together by the common thread of adopting from Ethiopia.  It was an adventure as my friend Allyson and I took over the kitchen with spices and smells that beckoned us to travel beyond those four walls. It was so fun, the food turned out just fine (thanks to 3 beautiful ET children who had no complaints of our first attempts!). 

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