Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Between last week and this week, we've celebrated two amazing people/causes that are so influential to our country.  Last week we celebrated the remarkable life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.  I was blog stalking (yep, I know you do it too!) and found this great posting over at ...ethiopia or bust...  Click here to read a dad's sweet letter to his son.  Doesn't that move you?!  

This week we celebrate, honor, and fight to claim the Sanctity of Human Life.  In my career as a nurse, I have been called to take care of women in high risk pregnancies and outcomes.  Caring for those families is remarkable and daily I ask the Lord to help me have a critical eye & ear for subtle changes in sound of an unborn baby's heart beat, or the changes in a mom's mood or comfort that might just mean that something is changing.  Watch this video and remind yourself just how remarkable our Amazing Creator is!

The Sanctity of Human Life designation of this week holds a lot more significance to Justin and I than before because the reality of Ethiopia has hit home.  4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia who are listening for. a. voice.  Who long for. love.  Who want to. be. home.  What's holding you back?  If you feel like He's placed that desire deep within your heart, then we can't encourage you enough to trust Him and begin the process of growing your family. 

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