Traveling Abroad

I would be pretty sure to say that Justin and I both love to travel.  Whether it's backpacking in the Allegheny National Park in Western New York, swimming in crystal clear water in Hawaii and letting Him introduce us to His endless creativity, even gathering around different tables where we learn that enjoying a meal with others can create a true sense of community, or settling here: in Budapest, Hungary and finding that a smile will speak a thousand no, rather million words and that the kindness of an older man helping me find my way back to the trolley are all moments when God says, "I'm here" [wink..ya, I think that's just how He does it].
-- it often leaves us speechless with faces of those who watch fireworks on a warm 4th of July night.  It's breathtaking.  It's beautiful.  It leaves us saying, "Wow God.  I can't believe that I could have missed out on this!".

This won't be a rather long post, but one that has more pictures.  Everyone looooves pictures ;)  I'm writing this from our hotel in Budapest, getting ready to go enjoy my last day here.   The decision to take this trip was, well, rather short notice, however, it's one that I cannot imagine not being on.  Justin's career requires frequent trips to Hungary for 2 weeks stents.  For us, that time cannot pass quickly enough.  After toiling over my role as a wife and wanting to create home wherever that may us, we decided that this trip I'd come along for the first half of it and be here for Justin when he comes home from work, to bypass the quiet evenings of dinner alone, to support him when the project gets tense, and to doll up the hotel room with flowers and sweet smelling things..... ok so maybe not that last part ;)  but you get the idea!  It's been wonderful and here are some pictures of this cool city and how I've spent my time while my hubby works so hard to support our family with integrity and drivenness.

Oh, and how could we not add:  the news on the adoption front line has become incredibly encouraging!!  Our close friends just received their referal last week of a beautiful, handsome, precious little boy!! We went over that night and had to meet his precious little face in the photos :)  WE ARE HEAD OVER HEALS for Eric, Ally & Sam--Congrats!  Isn't God awesome?!  This adoption is quite a roller coaster of an experience--thank you all so, so much for being along it with us!  Also, on another note, we just ask that you would all be thinking about and praying for our case worker at Children's Hope.  Two weeks ago she suffered a medical emergency while on vacation visiting family.  She's doing ok (thank you God!) but will be gone from CHI for a while as she recovers and gets the care she needs. This means we'll now be learning the rest of the team there at CHI while they adjust and shift around in Sharon's absence--they are all doing such an amazing job!  So, good good news in many different ways!

Enjoy this pictures!



erica said...

Love the photos! I love to travel as well, although I've never been to Europe yet. It's my dream for someday! Have an awesome trip!! :)

Evan said...

Beautiful photos! I don't know if you heard from all the way across the world or not, but many(6) families with CHI, only waiting since June-August received their referrals yesterday! I will pray yours is coming soon as well!

Eric and Allyson said...

Hey girly, miss you and thanks for the congratulations shout out! Praying for you both...see you when you get home;)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ... Budapest holds a special place in our hearts. :) Chris and I traveled there as part of a short term missions trip a few years ago with his first church. Tell the city I said hello and enjoy some of that delish goulash and steer clear of pizza at the train station. ;)