We're Hers!

The phone call came last week and what a relief and INCREDIBLE JOY it was to hear "she's yours!!!!  Friends & family, we can finally share our beautiful little girl with you because we have officially passed court, and are legally the parents of...

Natalie Degeme Foster

(I know I already let it be known on Facebook right away, oh well, we couldn't wait!).  So without further ado, Justin and I are thrilled to introduce you to our adorable little girl.  She is incredible and one of the biggest gifts from God. That He would set us aside to be her parents, and her, our first born.  We're overwhelmed and abundantly blessed!  Look what Love can do....

Her chosen name, meaning "Gift from God" and "born on Christmas Day"
Her given name. Kembati, an African tribal language, meaning "be famous"

The first time we laid eyes on you!! Our little girl at 3 1/2 months old!

Updates along the way help us watch you grow from miles away!  It is so good to have adoptive family friends who get the "wait" and bring you gifts of new pictures!! Here she is during the weeks before we met her...
4 months old
Very thankful that these women follow their calling to work with orphans....she loves our daughter in endless ways
blury, but she's getting in some sweet tummy time!
You are too sweet for words Natalie Degeme!  Rock that hat girl!

Finally getting to meet you for the first time.....
........completely in love......

Oh how I have longed for this moment!  The first time I held you, and you leaned your face right into mine.
The first time you saw your Daddy..... this picture is my most favorite!
A look we learned oh.so.quickly. ;)  That's our sassy girl ;)
Our growing girl
Best of friends---so neat how God brings families together!  This little guy is there with Natalie and will be just 10 minutes away when they both come home!
Her nannies accessorized---so fun!
First family photo
Rest my sweet little girl.  
Sharon (our adoption consultant) bringing our daughter to us one morning :)  Amazing that we got to met her while in ET. 
Get ready--she will melt your heart <3
love this!....she peed on her DaDdY
2 GREAT new Dads!!  Little M with her Daddy and Justin with Natalie!
Daddy-daughter time :)  He stepped up to this role instantly and a new element of attractiveness overcame me...wow, God, you're amazing! 
The Moose = love. Our teething beauty ;)
Two cuties!!  A sweet, sweet little girl whose parents have become cherished adoptive family friends of ours.
Nanny love!!
Giggles just abound!
Love this too!
So you're my daddy....that's cool :)
Bring the lovin' on sweet cheeks!
One friend let me borrow it, the other gave me a last minute 101. Can't wait to have you close to us Natalie <3
What happens when Mommy and Daddy go shopping in town....you're so cute sweet heart :)
And, here's a video (a little on the longer side...) of us discovering her contagiousness giggle and beautiful smile!  Enjoy and giggle yourself away!  Have a wonderful TGIF!
Degeme Smiles :) from Kati Foster on Vimeo.


mama marchand said...

Oh, Kati ... I've seen the photos on Facebook but to read your commentary on here ... I have tears in my eyes!

The fact that she and her little friend are going to be so close? Amazing. Only God can orchestrate something so cool!

Be blessed, dear friends, and enjoy that precious little one. :) So very happy for you!

Nicki said...

Loved all the wonderful pictures with their captions. Keep us posted on all the great adventures with Natalie.

Marianne said...

Wow, so fantastic. Congratulations on passing court! You all make a beautiful family.