Let the count down begin!!



will pack their 

and we will board this

on a great 

to fly to 

and meet our baby girl!!!

We got the call from CHI last week on Wednesday, along with 7 other families who will all be traveling together!  How AWESOME!!  We've been able to talk to a couple of families via email and phone and boy, I've got to tell you, this is just so cool!  There are families from all over the US and we will all meet up in Addis over Father's Day weekend. My baby girl gets to meet her daddy, and my husband gets to meet his daughter on a weekend that just couldn't have been scripted any more beautifully.  Thank you Jesus for giving us these moments of saying "ohhh I get it! This is why things are happening this way".  Does it make you smile?  Because it truly does make us grin from ear to ear :) 

On this trip, our main purpose is to meet Little D (!!) and attend a court hearing where the Judge will hopefully be able to name us as her legal parents!  To spare myself from going into tons of detail, please be praying for us that MOWA (Ministry of Women and Children's Affairs) is able to attend and will have all their paperwork completed so that when we give witness that we love this little girl and long to make her our own, the Judge will be able to sign her signature and declare that we are Little D's forever family.  

We'll be staying at the Ethiopian Guest Home, and place that was started by a couple who adopted little ones from Ethiopian and wanted to create a place for families like theirs.  Here, let me let Dave tell their story :) ....

We're also planning on taking some trips within the capital and then outside to different areas of Ethiopia.  We don't have those nailed down yet, but rest assured we will be sharing those pictures here on our family story blog! 

So, we're gathering up gear, making plans, and most of all thanking God for opening this door!  I prayed this verse so many times,  even the very morning before we got the phone call while I was getting ready for the day, I called out to God and asked Him this for Little D...
The boundary lines have falled for me in pleasent places; surely I have a delightful inheritance
It's from Psalm 16:6, a verse I came upon a couple of weeks before that day when doing preparing for my weekly bible study.  It wasn't the verse that I was studying, but as my eyes wandered down the page in my Bible, those words sank into my heart and I knew this was a prayer I could lean upon for our daughter.  

This whole adoption story is incredible, and yes, there have been laboring, gut turning moments, but what outweighs it all is that God Himself truly gives us the desires of our hearts.  Do you know that?  Can you allow yourself to believe it, who heartedly?  We cannot shout that it is really true loud enough!!!! (Maybe we will when we're there on Entoto Mountian in Ethiopia.... ;) )  It's just amazing to be the receiver of His blessings.

Have a great day!

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mama marchand said...

Oh my GOODNESS ... I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! :) Only 21 days and you're going to be PARENTS. So thrilled for you, friend. :) And how absolutely sweet that Justin gets to meet her on Father's Day. Tears are flowing over here!