What Love Really Is...

A few weeks ago I had been spending time with a sweet little boy reading books to him before his afternoon nap.  As his mom and I sat there reading story after story, I found myself wondering if our little girl was getting these same opportunities?  For some reason I just couldn't shake my concern about if Little D is getting interactions like this, I began thinking back on my time in Romania in the baby hospital were these children desperately needed human touch and interaction...and love in it's fullest sense.  I found myself wide awake at 1am, restless and began praying for our sweet little one that night.  It was 8am in Ethiopia and I wondered what her routine was like that morning?  Was she being loved on?  Was some saying "I love you" to her?  Is there a special lullaby that makes her grin?!  Was someone rocking her, rubbing her back and singing to her before she went to sleep at night?  Was she being taken care of like I was when I was a child?

The next morning I called Sharon and asked her. I think she could sense my concerned heart, the one that's growing into mom, and she reassured me that yes, "those nannies are loving on her more than you'll ever know".  Her little ears are hearing lullabies and stories and that I could rest assured that there are some remarkable women there at the House of Hope taking care of every child there.  Later on that weekend, on Mother's Day, I got these pictures from a wonderful CHI friend who was traveling to Addis to pick up her son and daughter and whom had emailed and said "let me take pictures of your baby girl for you"..... What a perfect Mother's Day gift!  (we had to edit Degeme out of them...but not for long!  Hopefully we'll be sharing her pictures soon!!)...


Now, check this one out....

  Do you see it?!??  This incredible woman has allowed herself to fully love our daughter and we cannot ever thank her enough.  She is one of our baby girl's nannies and she is showing Little D what real love is.  She is allowing herself to invest in this baby girl's life, fully.  She is teaching Little D that a smile means "your're special and you're cherished".  She's trusting God that right now her role is to love on this precious baby more than she'll even know.  I cannot tell you how incredibly blessed Justin and I feel for the role this woman, and the other nannies, are playing in Little D's life.  

It was clear that God had watched me lie awake in bed that night, He had heard my aching heart and what a precious message I needed to be reminded of: He knows and He provides.  

Maybe this is even a song that she hears the older children at the House of Hope sing....it's sweet nonetheless!

Can't wait to hear voices like these 3 little sisters myself in a matter of weeks :)

Here's a few pictures from Mother's Day afternoon at our place!
Justin and his Mom on a beautiful Mother's Day!

With his Dad!

Love this shirt from my brother and sister-in-law that reads "eh-MY-ay" aka Mama in Amharic


Evan said...

Kati I had these same concerns when we were waiting to pick up Finn. When we finally were in ET I was shocked at how loving and attentive all the nannies were not just at HOH but at Bethzatha children's home(Finn's Orphanage) Tsegay and Almaz are simply amazing-they really know all these kids and love them as their own taking out one on one time with each child. My heart breaks a little bit for these temp. mamas when they have to say goodbye to yet another one of these kiddos they have grown to love soo much. I pray so hard for these selfless caregivers everyday that the Lord gives them peace as they walk the walk of so many tearful goodbyes. And I thank God for the love he places in their hearts for the hundreds and sometimes thousands of kids they care for including little baby D.

Marianne said...

What a beautiful gift. It's so precious how God shows us these glimpses of His answered prayers. My heart felt so heavy as we waited for Abel, and He gave me a couple of these little hints of His care for His children -- they are still so dear to me. Continued blessings as you wait.