Blessed by the lens

Look who showed up in my in box this morning (via my dear friend Allyson and her husband who are there in ET bringing their son home).....

These pictures are just what this waiting mommy and daddy needed!!!!!!   Thank you so much you guys!  Natalie Degeme, you are cherished, you are special, and we love you so very much!  Cannot wait to have you in our arms!!  It won't be much longer!

Please stay tuned, the adoption anxiety writers block has lifted have lifted and I am ready to post some great summer updates on what we've been doing these past couple of months.:)

To bring every one up to date, we're currently waiting to hear back from the U. S. Embassy in Addis Ababa.  (This is the last stage before we return to Ethiopia!!)  They have our family's paperwork and we are awaiting to hear back from them in regards to if there is extra information they want on mom & dad, or baby girl.  What we long to hear is, we have what we need, your case is complete, come get your daughter!! We have an incredible network of family and friends praying us through this.  There are people out there who are having faith in our footprints when it seems like we're weak and loosing sight of the end that is very near.  Thank you to everyone--we love that Jesus gives us community like you!!!!


Janet said...

What sweet, sweet pictures of your little love! Praying for you to be packing like mad VERY soon! Thanks so much for your sweet comment and encouragement! I've noticed some breakthroughs over the past couple days. : )

Melissa said...

She is gorgeous!!! I just know you will be cleared this week! I wish we could somehow travel together. Would love to meet you face to face, but that would be impossible! Praying for you!!