Natalie's Nursery!

The room is ready, the clothes have been washed, books have been explored and the suitcase is filled for our little beauty.  Our daughter's nursery was done with a lot of frugality and patience.  My dear husband allowed me to really run with ideas, but it was neat because he had his input to add and together I think we've created a space that is soothing and ready for many memories to be made.  Enjoy the pictures.  I'm hoping to add this to Project Nursery where I got oh so many inspirations for this room!  I'll be able to tag what we've gotten and do a whole lot more.  But, it's late, and I'm just excited to share :)  

Oh, one more thing.  I went dumpster diving today and it was AWESOME!  Totally not ashamed of it...ok so maybe there was a moment of bashfulness when the homeowner walked up with her dog to ask if she could "help" me...I responded, "may I please take these cornices from your trash??".  (Mom always instilled please and thank you in us kids :) ).  She looked at me sorta puzzled [guess this is a little odd in suburbia...but I've still got my roots from our days in Cleveland Heights--no shame lady], and then preceded to explain how to hang them and apologized for how dusty they were.  Ha!  Bless your heart.  Maybe I'll take Natalie on a walk some time and thank her for this treasure.  They turned out great and add something cute to the wood blinds.

Anyway, this may sound silly, but I'm a new mom and I don't know better yet: I am eager to have those 2am moments with our daughter, even if it involves awful smelling human waste..... It won't be much longer :)

Without further ado....here's the transformation of room in house and how it became our daughter's space...



We love this space and are so appreciative to my in laws for helping me learn how to wall paper--yes WALLPAPER!!  Thanks guys!  


Erica said...

Its beautiful!! :)

Evan said...

So Fun! Can't wait to see your little doll in your arms once again-forever!

Heather said...

So beautiful!!! You guys did an amazing job!!!!!!!!

mama marchand said...

Oh, it's beautiful! :)

Our adoption journey to Bourkely Zane said...

My name is Megan Devinney. My husband, Jason, and I are also adopting from Ethiopia.Our journey started last November. We have just sent our I-600A application and are awaiting fingerprinting appointments. We had a slight delay due to some paperwork during our home study process. i have really enjoyed reading about your journey and it gives me hope that there is light at the end of this long tunnel. The nursery is adorable and Natalie is beautiful. I look forward to reading about an embassy date and a second trip scheduled. We will pray that they are swift and smooth.

BTW our adoption blog is http://bourkelyzane.blogspot.com/

Thanks so much!!!!!

fellow adopting momma ~ Megan:)

Captain Murdock said...

Um wow - that nursery is amazing!!!!

Kati and Justin said...

Thank you!!! Sometimes I so badly wish I would have double majored in nursing AND interior design!