Pinterst is my one of my happy places!

If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, break yourself away from this post and go have fun!  This website has become a great outlet for me to gather up ideas and put my mind to work on getting crafty!   It's a place to put all your "favorites" into one place, that you can visually keep organized.  I just love it!  

Want to be inspired by a quote?  See it on Pinterest.  Want to know how to make a wreath for the season?  Find it on Pinterest.  Need inspiration in the kitchen or taking a meal to a friend? Check out Pinterest.  Need vacation to a beautiful place, but not able to hop on a plane?  You'll be able to get away on Pinterest.  Over the past month of discovering this website, I've been spending lots more time in the Mom Cave :)  VERY best thing about it is that I am finding ways to use what we have around the house and/or finding things that are free on Craigslist or in the trash [enter a former post] or spending very little to create some great stuff!  Using my passions and being mindful of our budget are two things that equal success.  

Here's my how-to from yesterday's Pinterest :

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes

inspired from this picture:
salted caramel frosting
That's homemade Salted Caramel Frosting...

So then I got to thinking, "I really like that.  It sounds like a drink at Starbucks. Starbucks is an expensive habit.  Wonder how I could make something like that at home?"  So I got on Google and wah-lah, look what came up:

Without hesitation I began looking through our pantry, and luckily we had all but 2 of the ingredients.  Score!  All credit goes to the talented baker Kate over at Grin and Bake It--she has got some delicious ideas!  Here's how my cooking went :)...

Gathering up and taking inventory.
Used Chatfield Coco Powder from Mustard Seed Market
French pressed Godiva coffee...that just so happened to be on sale last week, so I got it for my man....and then the recipe called for it.  Sweet :)
mixing things up.
use a wooden spoon
my secret must have---makes measuring for cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc a breeze
the batter was already a little thin, adding the coffee got me doubting...
Happy to have nonstick.
"wow, they set up just right!"
lets cool off.
meanwhile, make the homemade caramel. don't worry, you totally have this girlfriend!  briefly stir the sugar and water together...and then let.it.be.
it starts to bubble....and then after about 5 minutes on medium-high heat it starts to loose the bright white color
ooh here comes some caramel color!
look--it totally turned out :)  remember: do not stir while it's on the flames.

I put the cream and the vanilla together in a measuring cup and then spoon-by-spoon slowly added it to the hot caramel while stirring frequently.
pouring the cooled off caramel into the butter cream frosting

this smell really good!
used a piping bag, snipped off the tip, inserted #5, and with the help from Kristin at Decorate This I was able to create...
topped off with gold colored sugar crystals from JoAnn's.  
 So that's it!  Tonight is Girls Night, and I think I'll top these cute cupcakes with some drizzled caramel deliciousness.  Now, go find your apron, spatula, turn on some great music, and get baking!!  I'm always inspired by others, so share your fun baking too :)


Anonymous said...

I tried licking the monitor to taste those goodies . . . did't work (Love Grampa G)

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, send some to me!!!!!

...I Thought I Loved You Then said...

These look delicious!! I found your blog when you posted your links to Facebook a while back and have loved following along with your beautiful adoption story! Babies and baking? I think you might have struck the perfect blog balance haha :)