Word from the U.S. Embassy


Well, we are finally in the last stages of this adoption!  We have heard back from the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia and they are, consistent to their new practice, requesting more paperwork on Natalie's case.  As frustrating as this was to read, we have finally come to a place where we can see the whole picture.  Yes, it really is difficult to swallow any more "waiting"; this has been one of the toughest moments yet.  However, as we've wept, argued, stressed, and felt numb, in the midst of it, our Savior has drawn us into His truth. 

In the Bible, Jesus tells me that there will be moments when my ability to trust will look like this. He goes on to tell me that when I focus my attention on what He can do, growth will happen, my faith will come forth and my roots will deepen.  That is what happens when you plant yourself in the most nourishing of soils, when you surround yourself with all things pure. So, as Tuesday's news came and went, wouldn't you believe that He never lets go?  As my morning began and my heart sank so deeply as I read the email that we'd need to wait even longer for Degeme to be back in our arms, God didn't give up on me.  As I spoke with our agency, and our caseworker confirmed that there really is no finite deadline, but that it won't be too long, God let me weep and he held me close.  I called my husband and he listened, he supported, and he allowed me to vent.  How blessed I am to have his friendship a midst the deep love we have for one another. I am so thankful that I have Justin as my partner, that he's right there beside me, that he leads with a purpose that is based on who he is as a man of God.  We are a team.  Then God used a blog post by a women I dearly admire, named Pasty Clairmont, to remind me of who I am called to be.  May I suggest you check it out here.  I trust her, even greater, I trust Him, and it was clear as an autumn sky that I needed to read those words and allow them to penetrate down to the aching.  

As the day turned into noon, and noon turned into night, I picked up my purse, grabbed the keys and headed out to spend an evening with girlfriends.  It was my first Moms Together event at our church, since you know, I am a mom :), and that night was set aside for being creative with other women.  I had, with giddiness, reluctantly signed up for this 2 weeks ago wondering, hoping, that I wouldn't make it because we'd be on the other side of the globe.  I'm so glad I didn't back down.  That I didn't completely put life on hold.  As my close girlfriend pointed out, I truly needed that night to relinquish my stress.  To focus on something new, and being that I absolutely love to create, it's as though this night was my parachute from a fearful fall.  God caught wind of my decent and allowed me to slowly, gently, come down and admire all that was beautiful and good around me.  

So, with a room full of women, we created.  We got our craft on.  And we laughed.  Oh how good that was! Our front door now has a beautiful new wreath to welcome this new season of fall.  I even learned how to make those neat tissue paper balls that are everywhere these days.  It was delightful and I realized, Kati, its just a matter of a few weeks before you enter this new chapter of life.  It won't be long.  I can endure it. 

On the ride home late that night, two songs came on the radio that sealed the deal for me.  This is what I drove home and heard... 

He uses his people to comfort his people.  How true is that!  This adoption is it's own unique labor of love.  My daughter has grown in my heart and continues to.  In a matter of weeks, maybe a little longer, my incredible husband and I will fly together and find ourselves at the beginning of forever with her.  We can't wait.  But we will patiently wait :)  We are so close to the finish line and this is where we get our second wind.  We regroup.  We hear the support from the sidelines and we give our very best for the last sprint. 

This has been in the works since that brisk Saturday in January, 2010 when we stepped out, trusted, and believed without turning back that our family was going to grow through adoption.  We chased and chased paperwork, we got parking tickets for being 25 cents too late on meters, we received the most wonderful congratulations for postal workers, bankers, strangers in the airport, cherished friends, family and coworkers.  We introduced ourselves to Injera, Tibs, and freshly roasted coffee.  And we did this all with the knowledge that our first born was coming home.  We know....it'll be just a little bit longer.... :)


Eric and Allyson said...

Love you and praying everyday for the news that you will go. Hang in there my friend:)

Erica said...

Beautiful!!!! Praying for you as you wait well. His faithfulness is overwhelming. Covering you in prayer as your heart aches despite knowing these truths. <3